Point-to-point option for traffic forwarding to ZScaler

(Alex) #1

Is there an option for Point-to-point connection for traffic forwarding from a customer rob ZScaler instead of pac file, VPN and GRE?



Hi Alex, the other forwarding option would be the zscaler App (endpoint agent). What’s your use case, perhaps I’m just misunderstanding your question.

(Alex) #3

Hi Mike,
We just experience up to 7 sec delay when access the internet through ZScaler. The issue might be on the network side, but we don’t have anything to rule out that it’s not a ZScaler issue. It could be also on the Internet side, but nothing to point to this either. I have a case 443880 opened with the support and the advise was to do pcap on the network. The problem is our network is relatively large and I’m not sure which segment to run the pcap on. I do realize that pout-to-point connection might not solve the problem on our side, but at least would like to know if this is an option or not. This way we don’t get forced to go back to BlueCoat proxies.


Working with your CSM, SE, and Zscaler TAC is definitely the path to continue. Make sure you, or they, have escalated your ticket.

Your experience is definitely not typical; I’m confident they will help you identify the cause as well as any design best practices to alleviate the problem.

(Chris Louie) #5

To close the loop on this thread, the notes in the support case indicates the problem was attributed to overutilization of a network device.

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(Alex) #6

Correct. We were able to figure out based on the trace from ZScaler cloud to our internet edge firewall.