Policy Posture Mappings

Hello All, We are in build phase to build policy posture for one of our customer where We are migrating from Checkpoint to Zscaler. The issue we are facing is One to One mapping of existing policy posture in Checkpoint to Zscaler for both guest and Corp traffic. Let me share you an example.

For checkpoint there is a streaming service category called HBO which contains both HBO Go(media Streaming) as well as HBO (IPTV) where as the corresponding Category in Zscaler is HBO Go under cloud apps. This means that if I build a policy rule which contains on HBO-GO (cloud app) than HBO(IPTV) will be allowed or i need to block it via URL rules. And there are many others senario applicable to Firewall rules as well

Do we have any best approach or automatic tool to map existing policy posture from other any vendor to Zscaler?

May i request member in the community what is the best approach they had used for migration to Zscaler for their experience ???