Possible for road warrior to access corporate LAN with App?

Currently staff access corporate LAN from remote (road warrior) via plain Windows VPN.
We now have Zscaler integrated with our firewall, (so internet traffic breaks out through Zen points).

If we have staff using Zscaler app, in a road warrior situation, how does one configure app to send traffic back through zscaler and then into our LAN? Or is this not possible?

Trying to avoid the need to run Windows VPN.

Hi Simon, welcome to Zscaler Community.

We have a solution that meets these requirements, albeit it’s delivered a little different to what you suggest. This is called Zscaler Private Access and you can find more info below.


You can also do some testing of the ZPA solution, this is available on the below link:

Please let me know if you’d like to get in touch with your account team who can help you further explore this capability.


Extremely busy with WFH support. Will check into this ASAP!