PRA: what are "Privileged Approvals"?

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I am playing with ZPA on Docker, and testing the Privileged Remote Access option which I find excellent in the domain of OT security and secure access to OT devices from the internet.

As a Zscaler partner, my tech contact at Zscaler gave me access to Privileged Remote Access, and I have set up a lab environment for testing purposes.

In my playing on the PRA GUI, I found out what is apparently a new feature, which is not listed in the documentation as of yet.

Its name is Privileged Approvals:

Still, no notes of this in the help documentation:

Screenshot 2022-06-30 at 11.47.25

Even the screenshots in the documentation do not show this feature:

Can anyone say more about this new feature? Do I need to open a ticket to have more information at this time?

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