Public wifi connection issue

With Zscaler Client connector installed, does anyone experience connection issue with public WIFI, like Starbucks?
I do have the option turn the zscaler off for 10 minutes when captive portal detected.



Can you provide more detail of what happens, step by step?

Step one, ,connect to starbucks SSID.
the client connector says “captive portal detect”, but nothing happen.
Step two, open an edge browser. nothing loading, no captive portal.
Wait about a minute.
Step three, type in URL address bar. nothing happen, no redirects.
wait about three minutes.

If you have access to the logs, do you see any blocks for the website that hosts the captive portal login page? Does the same behavior happen in other browsers?

Outside of Starbucks, it works fine?

I believe the issue is that the captive portal has a default of 10 minutes where it turns ZCC off in order to give the user time to log into the captive portal.

This setting can be found in the Zscaler Mobile Portal: Administration, Client Connector Support, APP FAIL OPEN tab.

One suggestion would be to lower that to 1 minute, re-try from Starbucks and see if the problem goes away more quickly (<1min). You can adjust the captive portal timeout accordingly after that. A setting of zero will disable entirely.

Interesting perspective. My main concern with this option ( 1 min or 10 min) and what I observed is ZCC not really disable itself when captive portal detected.
There is a clear indication when manually turn off in ZCC, you can get to the captive portal instantly.
And another issue I observed in starbucks is they only form tunnel 1.0, and doesn’t allow tunnel 2.0.