Remote User Management - UNC - MMC - End User on ZPA


We are running into an issue for our support team to manage end users who are working from home. Our remote users are using ZPA, but now our IT Support team have lost the ability to do things like “Computer Management” or to UNC directly to the C$ drive to get logs etc… Basically troubleshooting tasks that we don’t want to bother the user for.

Is there a way to do this if the user is enabled on ZPA? are there any recommended tools that will allow for this sort of administration.

Thank you

would be interesting for me too!

That’s because at the moment ZPA is for client initiated connections to servers.

At the last Zenith Live, server initiated connections to the client was something on the roadmap.

PS: From a security perspective, you shouldn’t be able to do that. Think of what ransomware could do with a single workstation admin credential.