Report an Issue vs Export Logs

It seems that “export logs” has been replaced with the nifty report an issue (allowing to attach logs)
Is that true? I cannot find a current topic here related to this.

This is a problem if so. 80% of issues that end users should be addressed by local IT Staff… Not Zscaler Support. Not to mention that “from” email address cannot be edited by the end user.

It is possible to disable this feature, problem solved with end users spamming support. BUT with out export logs or this feature correctly working, then local IT Staff finds it impossible to actually escalate an issue to Zscaler Support.

Bring back export logs?
Fix “Report an issue”?
Allow for custom info field?
Pop up to remind users of options?


Hello Eric,

of yourse you can modify the “Report an issue”-feature of ZCC in the “Mobile” Portal. Here you can define e.g. the email-adress of your local helpdesk or also completely disable this feature:


But indeed there is still a problem regarding logs as they are encrypted and therefore local IT-support will not be able to read these. See also When using "Fetch Logs" in Client Connector Portal, Mac logs are encrypted - #6 by manuel.


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Thanks Manuel for the reply. I knew of these, but the end user cannot override the from address… and that’s still missing the point, most issues should Not go to Zscaler support when local IT can handle this. The report an issue is just toooooo tempting for them.

I don’t really care that IT cannot read the logs, but exporting was powerful.

The fetch logs thing - I feel like the success rate is like 10%

I still vote for some better controls, FWIW

Hi Eric,

I see your point regarding the from-address as this for the moment is and there are surely reasons for why you need to change this.

But your other topic - maybe I just did not get it right ;-):
If you change the “to address” in the portal and also disable the “Enable End User Ticket Submission to Zscaler”-switch the Zscaler support is not involved anyhow. Instead - as I stated above - the generated email is sent to the customer defined email-adress. We configured here a email-address of our ticket-system and therefore - if an end-user reports an issue via ZCC - a ticket is generated within our ticket-tracking-tool.


Thank you for the ideas, I’ll be disabling the feature as part of the solution.