Reset Default Admin Password

When a new account is provisioned at Zscaler cloud, the service creates a default admin account. Zscaler account provisioning team shares the credentials of default admin account with the registered business and technical contacts of the company.

The default admin account is in the format of admin@. A predefined super admin role is assigned to the default admin account.

Changing the default admin password

  • You can customize the various settings of the default admin including the password via the Zscaler admin portal. Please follow the instructions in the KB for the instructions

Resetting the default admin password

  • If needed, you can reset the default admin password via Zscaler support channel. Please note that the Zscaler support does NOT take password reset requests over the phone. The request must come through a support ticket.

  • The support ticket can be raised through Zscaler Admin Portal or Zscaler Web Portal

  • The requester of password reset must be either the registered technical contact for the account or the technical contact must exist in the ticket CC list. Zscaler support requires approval from registered technical contact. You can verify the current registered technical contact details in company profile settings. A company can have a maximum of two technical contacts, Zscaler requires approval from any one of them

  • In a scenario, where there are no Technical contacts listed for the account or the listed technical contact has left the Organization, a Zscaler employee (eg: DAS, RSM, SE, CSM, TAM) associated with the account can validate the request on client’s behalf.

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