SaaS Application Tenants

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) a ZIA supported SaaS Application Tenant?

I see Microsoft 365 on the list of supported SaaS applications, but not sure if this only covers Office365, or if it covers both Office365 and Dynamics365.


M365 app is for SSPM or SaaS Security Posture Management/Control. Apps supported are listed individually - Onedrive, Sharepoint, Teams & Exchange.

I do not understand your reply. See below list of supported ZIA SaaS Application Tenants (i.e., SaaS Apps that are supported by ZIA out-of-band CASB). Microsoft 365 is on the list. Does this include Dynamics365? or just Office365?

M365 app onboarding provides posture control as available under Policy > SaaS Security Posture Control. Dynamics 365 is not supported as OOB CASB app.