Salesforce Security, Data Protection, and User Experience Deployment Guide

This Deployment Guide is written for deployment of Zscaler Security and Visibility features with

It is a comprehensive guide that walks through the configuration of the Zscaler Internet Access features, and the Zscaler Digital Exchange features in use with The document will walk you through securing your Salesforce tenant from Malware and Data Loss and configuring the Zscaler Digital Exchange (ZDX) to simplify operations, troubleshooting, provide visibility, of user experience awareness to your users of the Salesforce SaaS service.

At a high level the topics of the document:


  • Salesforce Identity Proxy
  • Salesforce SaaS Tenant in Zscaler
  • Zscaler Tenant in Salesforce
  • SaaS DLP Policy
  • SaaS Malware Policy
  • Start the Scan Policy for the SaaS service
  • SaaS Security Posture Report
  • Cloud Application Control

Reporting and Visibility of the SaaS Tenant

Zscaler Digital Exchange (ZDX)

  • ZDX Overview
  • Configuring ZDX and the Probes for Salesforce
  • Using ZDX to Monitor the Application
  • Using ZDX to Monitor the User Experience SaaS Security & ZDX Deployment_Guide:


The sharing link didn’t let me access the doc, but the link in your email did :shrug:

The internal link which was in the email let’s Zscaler download, but the external Link you have to request access.

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