Soft Phone Use Case

We are very new to the Zscaler Client Connector. It works amazing for virtually everything we use. With one exception. We are setting up a new phone system which has support for soft phones. This software would typically work on a traditional VPN. I’m guessing due to the inherent design of the client connector, and for DNS and NAT reasons, soft phones aren’t supported over the ZPA tunnels. Knowing this, I’m curious how other people are using soft phones back to their internal network while using Zscaler Client Connector VPN.

We had same issue with one of my customers. Basically, softphone not supported by ZPA since backend call manager needs to establish direct connection with the softphone agent. Here’s the response we received from Zscaler support. Zscaler has two ER’s, but no GA date. I hope this helps.

Issue : Softphone(IPC) not working as expected via ZPA.

  • Call manager server located in DC, (Does not have public IP enabled)
  • Remote users VOIP traffic going via ZPA
  • confirmed Call manager server initiated connection fails to reach user machine via ZPA(Server Initiated connection failed to connect user client)
  • Currently server Initiated connections does not work with ZPA.

Possible Workaround :

We have two enhancement already opened with PM, request to support Softphone and Server initiated connection with ZPA. ( ER-4829 and ER-4785 ).

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Thanks for the reply. We are working on a similar workaround. It’s nice to know there are enhancement requests out there for this. This would be nice to do through ZPA.