Softmax application not working post upgrading to 3.7.x version


Hello Everyone,

We are having an issue with Zscaler Client connector.
Post upgrading to the 3.7.x,SoftMax Pro application stopped working.
it is working on 3.1/3.2 version.

we contact softmax support and they informed us it is listening on the 9000 port and as ZApp is also listening on the same post so its conflicting.

But why it is working on the 3.1 and 3.2 as there is no change in the listening port.

Could you please suggest any workaround/Resolution?

we cannot see any logs in the packet capture for SoftMax.
we can’t change the listening port of ZIA.

With Regards
Muyeen Ahmad.

Hello Muyeen,

Please file a support ticket for investigation as this would require analysis of flow between working and non-working scenarios.

FYI: We have an option to change the listening port of Client Connector.


Hello Shujaat,

i already have raised a case but there is no positive response.