SSL Inspection: Zscaler certs AND custom certs?


We use Entrust managed PKI for our internal CA. We have deployed ZIA with Zscaler certs, but it might make more sense to use our own custom certs. All endpoints have their own Entrust certs and it’s used today for things like 802.1x, etc.

If I can configure ZIA to use custom certs, will it break anything for exisiting users using Zscaler’s certs? I don’t think it would, but I would like some confirmation before going too much further. Thank you!

Hello Chris,
If you switch from using the Zscaler root certificate to the custom root certificate, there would be no impact for your users as long as they have the customer root certificate trusted. Note that the ability to use a custom SSL certificate is a separate SKU.

Warm Regards,


Thank you Chris. Great information.