Superior User Experience Management with Zscaler Digital Experience

Pre-registration for Zenith Live 2021 is now open, and we encourage you to pre-register today. In this episode to the run up to Zenith Live we’re going to post more of our breakout sessions from the 2020 event. Today’s session covers Zscaler Digital Experience:

The work-from-anywhere (WFA) reality has taxed IT, impacted worker performance, and stretched threat coverage. The new Zscaler Digital Experience (ZDX) offering enables busy IT leads to manage (and optimize) the application performance of end users, offering performance scoring by user, app, and location, as well as the capability to identify and resolve application, device and network issues. Join Zscaler VP for product strategy Sanjit Ganguli who’ll show how ZDX provides comprehensive visibility and troubleshooting of end user experience.