Terminal Server with Zapp

Hi Guys,

We have recently deployed some 2012R2 terminal servers that our users will be working from, I deployed the zapp on these servers and it was working okay, however now that we have moved more users on to these the app is just stuck on connecting, no error or anything just says connecting. Does anyone here use zapp on terminal servers for multiple users ? is there some limation here? I have a ticket open at the moment

Hi @dantralee, welcome to Zscaler Community.

Today Zscaler App supports only a single active user on a given system, including Windows systems. This article regarding Citrix can be allied to any VDI / Termnina Server scenario —> https://help.zscaler.com/zia/supporting-citrix-xenapp-and-xendesktop-applications

We do an an ER for multiple active user support. Please DM me your organisation info and I can have you added to the ER.


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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply, not sure how to DM you, feel free to delete this post, and send me a dm if you can

ah no thats what I was thinking, if you could please have me added that would be great, how long does this normally take? is it just another version of the app?

Company is morgan mckinley and I also have a ticket open 938738