Testing block policy - need a url for Violence

Hi - my first ask on this group

I want to test my block policy for the Violence categorization. Can anyone let me have such a url please?

I have found urls in all the other categories eg extremism drugs etc


Hi Susan,

You can try these for the violence category:


Thanks & Regards
Ajar Mayor

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Thank you Ajar - they worked and were blocked

Hi Susan,

You can find examples URLs in each category in this help article - https://help.zscaler.com/zia/about-url-categories

Some additional example URLs in Violence category are - hoodsite.com, howtofightnow.com.


Product Management, Zscaler

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Thank You Kumar

The url didnt actually give me any sites to test against. I did use the url lookup from within the portal. But was having difficulty actually finding any sites