Throttle bandwidth consumption of big downloas from Office 365 Onedrive/Sharepoint


We had recently a problem with one client using almost all of our bandwidth to download a lot of files from Office 365 Onedrive/Sharepoint. I have checked the Bandwidth control policy to limit the usage of Onedrive/Sharepoint traffic and couldn’t found a bandwidth class for it. It’s possible to limit the maximum bandwidth used for bulk download of Onedrive/Sharepoint files?

The goal:
Prioritize access to Office 365 but limit maximum bandwidth consumption for bulk downloads of Onedrive/Sharepoint files.

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You can configure large-files as a specific BWC policy, see here for an example:


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your quick reply. But I have to put this rule at Rule Order 1 to also catch Office 365 traffic. With this all large files will hit before Office 365 traffic and will consume bandwidth up to the configured limit.

Rule Order 1: Large File maximum 80% (because I want to download big files also from Office 365 in a speedy way)
Rule Order 2: Office 365 traffic minimum 20% and maximum 100% (but with this a large file download from any website can consume up to 80% of the bandwidth).

Best Regards,Patrick