Throttle bandwidth consumption of big downloas from Office 365 Onedrive/Sharepoint


We had recently a problem with one client using almost all of our bandwidth to download a lot of files from Office 365 Onedrive/Sharepoint. I have checked the Bandwidth control policy to limit the usage of Onedrive/Sharepoint traffic and couldn’t found a bandwidth class for it. It’s possible to limit the maximum bandwidth used for bulk download of Onedrive/Sharepoint files?

The goal:
Prioritize access to Office 365 but limit maximum bandwidth consumption for bulk downloads of Onedrive/Sharepoint files.

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You can configure large-files as a specific BWC policy, see here for an example:


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your quick reply. But I have to put this rule at Rule Order 1 to also catch Office 365 traffic. With this all large files will hit before Office 365 traffic and will consume bandwidth up to the configured limit.

Rule Order 1: Large File maximum 80% (because I want to download big files also from Office 365 in a speedy way)
Rule Order 2: Office 365 traffic minimum 20% and maximum 100% (but with this a large file download from any website can consume up to 80% of the bandwidth).

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I have a similar issue. What was the resolution for this issue?

Hi Patti,

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution for this problem.

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Do you need to make sure that the traffic is SSL Inspected to enforce the BWC policy?

Hi Gordon,

No, SSL inspection is not needed.

From: About Bandwidth Control
The Zscaler service applies the policy to all HTTP and HTTPS traffic from the location. You do not need to enable SSL interception because it works at the TCP level.

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