Traffic forwarding using and GRE tunnels

Hello team,

I need your help understanding some traffic forwarding methods.
we are using as well as GRE tunnels for few servers.
1- some of our customers are asking about SFTP protocol, etc. when using the configuration I mentionned earlier, does it support the needed configuration?
2- what are the difference between a socks proxy and zscaler? is Zscaler only a http proxy?

thank you

Hi Jenny,

1 - SFTP uses port tcp 22 and you can route this traffic via the GRE tunnel. On the Zscaler console, you can create the FW rules required to reach the destinations.
2 - Zscaler is an HTTP proxy and not a socks proxy. A sock proxy implementation allows to tunnel multiple protocols between the user and the proxy. A HTTP proxy is for Web traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) only.

I hope this helps.

Adrian Larsen
Maidenhead Bridge

hello Adrian,

thank you for your response.
it confuses me a little bit considering that if Zscaler is an http proxy, how does it support other protocols?
Will SFTP applications use the proxy setting
thank you in advance,

Hi Jenny,

Zscaler is a Proxy and a Firewall as well. When you forward all traffic (all ports and protocols) via a GRE tunnel, HTTP and HTTPS is intercepted by the proxy and the rest of protocols are intercepted by the Firewall.

Note: SFTP protocol is not aware of proxy settings. SFTP applications will go direct to internet using port 22.

I hope this helps to clarify.

Best regards