Unexpected Token in PAC

Hello I am trying to edit a pac file just to make an addition. Currently this line exists in the PAC

if (isInNet(resolved_ip, "",""))
    return "DIRECT";

This works. If I try to add another IP with
|| (isInNet(resolved_ip, β€œ172.67.205.243”,β€œ255.255.255.255”))

I get an error " Parsing Error Unexpected token"

Not sure why any help would be appreciated.

so guessing - you added β€˜|| (isInNet(resolved_ip, β€œ172.67.205.243”,β€œ255.255.255.255”))’ after β€˜))’?

if ( isInNet(resolved_ip, "","") || isInNet(resolved_ip,β€œ172.67.205.243”,β€œ255.255.255.255”) ) return "DIRECT";