URL Filtering Post data size limitation

Hi Community,
We are currently running a PoC project for Zscaler SIP and SSL inspection function to migrate our in-house web filtering system to cloud base web filtering system. Our current web filtering system has a function to restrict post data on the URL category by defining the size of data so users can log in and can download but not able to post or upload. This will help us to protect our corporate data from unwanted data posts for example users can access Facebook but not able to post the data. In Zscaler URL filtering we have the option to control the post process by time and total bandwidth but, this will not help us, what we want to restrict. DLP might be the solution but it requires an additional license.
My question here in the community is, is there any function or configuration so we can restrict the post data size for example to 100 bytes so users can access the site but not able to post?

Thank you all in advance for your help and support.

Hi @thdadmin, have you looked at Cloud App control policies to control how people can interact with Apps? You can also block based on HTTP Method (e.g POST) in basic URL Filtering.

You can also use file type controls to control the filetypes people post, these are based on the magic byte of the file.

On terms of controlling the data volume for a single transaction/upload, this policy element is part of our inline DLP solution.

Hope this helps steer your policy creation during the PoV.