VIDEO: SIPA - Source IP Anchoring

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@Cindy Thank you for this amazing video!

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@Cindy thank you for the video. SIPA does sound like a great feature. Although it might be developed for some use cases and not suitable for others. We are currently evaluating it for our use case and run into some issues

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Thank you for your feedback. Let me know if you have SIPA questions. You are correct, there are some design considerations and not every use case is a great match. Best wishes!

@Cindy thank you for your reply. Just wondering if there are any guides covering specific use cases.
I was able to find the following guide which covers SIPA with Cloud Connectors
Is there any document covering SIPA configuration with App Connector for access to an external website?

See if these articles help: or this guide which is written for O365, but could be used for other SaaS apps as well. Source IP Anchoring Configuration Guide for Office 365 Conditional Access | Zscaler

@Cindy white paper is great, but was hoping for a step-by-step configuration guide. Thanks,

@Cindy SIPA has a super narrow use case and not suitable for simple IP address anchoring to a web-site not managed internally.

I have posted the notes to my use case at the following: