Visio Stencils for download

Can someone please share the zscaler visio stencils or PPT if they exist. I need them to prepare a presentation. Thanks.

I do not believe one exists, but I’ve made my own for LucidChart using PNG files I’ve found on Zscaler sites for some components and I can make more. What components do you need?

Thank you for your response! I will take as many or all of them, that you are willing to share. In return keep me in mind for VMware resources you might need help with. Amado.

Here’s what I’ve got so far as it’s all I’ve needed for the drawing I’m working on for my customer.

It’s got ZIA, ZPA, ZCC, and an App Connector plug. Wormhole - Simple, private file sharing

Let me know what else you need and I’ll see what I can do!

Hi would you able to sahre link again .it seem expired.

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All, here is a new version.


  • New ZCC shape that will scale better
  • New ZAC shape
  • ZAC cluster shapes added