Vzens health check

Hello All,

We want to monitor the VZENs health status so what all parameters and commands do we need to check on daily basis to ensure our vzens are healthy .

Kindly help us ASAP

Durga Chitturi .


Here you go for the VZEN (Virtual Service Edges) server command to monitor and troubleshoot purpose.

Hi Durga,

They also have their own MIB to you can use SNMP to monitor various parts of the device. About the Zscaler SNMP MIBs | Zscaler

When i am troubleshooting the commands i use most often are:

sudo vzen status (quickly find if one of the proccesses is down)
df -h (to check disk space)
sudo vzen troubleshoot connection (checks management connectivity)
sudo ZSINSTANCE=/sc/sme/ /sc/sme/bin/smmgr -ys host=www.google.com -ys port=80 -ys waittime=15 -ys connect=tcp (makes a TCP connection to google from the SME)

Hope that helps.