WebAuthn / FIDO2 support for ZCC

Does the ZCC support WebAuthn for SAML authentication with Azure MFA?
If not, are there any plans to support it in the future?

Hi Andrew,

When you say WebAuthn / Fido2, do you mean using something like a YubiKey? If so, the short answer is yes. You’ll need to submit a support ticket to get ‘Browser Authentication’ enabled on your tenant as the ZCC ‘embedded browser’ does not support it. This will then prompt ZCC to open the native browser on the endpoint to complete authentication.

I hope that makes sense. If you have any follow up questions, just shout.

Best regards, Marc


Yes, exactly. We’d like the ability to use YubiKeys or biometric devices for SAML auth.
Switching to an external browser would help with that but would likely lead to a poorer user experience.

Are there any plans to have the embedded browser updated to support it?

The user experience is slightly compromised v’s pure ZCC, but it still works pretty seamlessly in terms of user interaction. i.e. ZCC launches the browser automatically.

I’m not aware of any plans to enhance the embedded ZCC browser at this stage. I’ll post an update on here if I hear anything to the contrary.

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