Welcome to Zenith LIVE 22! Sign up and win cool swag!

Hello and Welcome to Zenith Community and Zenith Live 22!

This is a great opportunity for you to join, share, and win an amazing t-shirt!

STEP 1: Sign up using the Sign Up button on the top right of this page
STEP 2: Introduce yourself and share on Social Media (Twitter/LinkedIn) using #ZCommunity
STEP 3: DM me your username
STEP 4: I will send you your unique code to win a cool tshirt!



What “SIgn up” button do you mean? I can’t see one?
Does this count for the virtual EMEA one too?

If users sign up for a community account during the Zenith LIVE event days (Jun 21-Jun 29), they would be eligible to receive a T-shirt. You seem to already have a community account. Hope this helps clarify.
Best, Vanitha