What courses can I do without using additional credits?

(Stewart Griffiths) #1

My company bought me 4 credits to do the ZCCA-IA and the ZCCP-IA. I can see other courses in the list, my question is, to do the others (excluding the ZCCP-PA Hands On Lab which I know is another 3 credits), would they tick off credits from the allocation my company bought?

(Chris Leach) #2

Hi Stewart. 1 Training credit (ZCES-EDU-CREDIT) allows 1 user access to all online (eLearning) courses for 1 year. That means ZCTA-IA, ZCTA-PA, ZCCA-IA, ZCCA-PA, the eLearning part of ZCCP-IA, and the eLearning part of ZCCP-PA are all included with the 1 credit.

If you wish to take either of the hands-on lab courses, those EACH require an additional 3 credits.