What Happens if you Exceed your User Subscription Limit

(Omar ) #1


What happens when the number of users hosted on Zscaler ZIA exceeds the number of users you are subscribed to and how to check if you exceeded the number of users if you don’t use auto provisioning in your environment.

(Sumukh Rao) #2

Hi Omar,

Zscaler does not enforce User Subscription restrictions on its customers and follows more of a trust based licensing model. I.e. If an organization is licensed for 100 users and we see 101 then we would not terminate the traffic from the additional user. However, contractually the subscribing organization is only authorized to use the service for 100 users.

Irrespective of the provisioning method, Zscaler counts named users for licensing purposes.

Sumukh Rao

(Omar ) #3

Hi Sumukh,

Thanks for your replay.