When using "Fetch Logs" in Client Connector Portal, Mac logs are encrypted

I had my first opportunity to use the new “Fetch Logs” feature in the Zscaler Client Connector portal yesterday for a Mac user. It seems to have worked really well, but unfortunately the logs that are uploaded are the “file.enc2” encrypted filetype. Surely it wasn’t intentional to have those logs be encrypted in a way that only Zscaler Support can decrypt them? It seems to defeat the purpose of having that feature in the first place.

Even for Windows it is encrypted. so it is of no use unless we open support ticket and ask them to analyse.

That really seems like they missed the mark on that feature. Surely they could encrypt it so that both Zscaler Support and the customer could decrypt it?

I think this feature is a direct descendant of the error reporting feature for end users of ZCC. One could turn off/on this in Mobile Portal. We tried that some time ago out of sheer curiosity and when endusers reported problems via that way also encrypted logs were attached to the sent email. Obviously this “new” feature just triggers this module…

Agreed. I let my account manager know that I felt this was an oversight – the ability to collect logs remotely would be a huge quality of life improvement for us. If you feel the same, let your Zscaler representative know so that they can prioritize it internally.


Any news here? It is a PITA one can fetch client logs quite comfortable via portal but they are remain completely unusable for ZIA/ZCC admins.


Fed TAC let me know there was an enhancement, ER-10400, in for this.