You can't get there from here Error

Hi All,

User is getting error : “you can’t get there from here” while trying to sign-in to Zscaler client connector.
User is using Windows 7 domain-joined device.


Any idea how to resolve this error?


That doesn’t look like a Zscaler error. Do you have the full screenshot?

This is a ZPA device profile policy. The policy is stating the device has to be domain joined before the user is allowed access.

This is not an error, it is configured to behaive this way.

Device was domain joined before user was allowed to access - Still user is not able to sign-in.


This is an O365 message, we have Tenant restriction enabled and we have seen this error when a user tries to connect to another organizations O365 applications. Is the user using another domain name for the login account?


User is using same domain name for the login account.

Hi Anju,

That definitely looks like a message from the iDP. Is it ADFS?

The ZCC is running a browser inside with its own user agent. This looks like the iDP is seeing ZCC try to authenticate and for some reason can’t identify it as a corporate device.

Does it work fine if you just use an explicit proxy and try to auth to Zscaler with a normal browser?