Z-App stops forwarding traffic

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I do have a support case open for this but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.

We find that Z-App intermittently stops forwarding traffic to ZIA. We are running Z-App in Tunnel mode with Windows Filter Drive (Packet Filter Based). The cause is unknown right now but when it happens the bytes sent and received in Z-App stop incrementing. The user has to log out of Z-App and then log back in to resolve the issue.

We were only made aware of the issue because we still have our old proxy servers in place with WCCP configured whilst we continue to fully migrate our estate to ZIA. On the old proxy servers we added a rule that displays a notification to the user if they hit the old proxies but they’re a member of the new Zscaler Users AD group.

Is it just us? I did ask the person working the support ticket to check for similar cases but apparently there are none.

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This doesn’t sound normal no. If you can provide the ticket # I can have a look on the back-end.



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Hi @dcreedy. Ticket #581627.