Z Scaler break internet connection

If I install ZScaler the internet connection stops and it resume just I uninstall it.


Ciao Alessandro,

Are you able to give a little more context around the issue you are referring to?

Are you the administrator of the Zscaler instance you mention?

Have you successfully logged in into the Client Connector when prompted to do so?

It could very well be that the security policy in effect would prevent you from even accessing the internet without being enrolled and authenticated to the Zscaler instance.

Ciao, Luca

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I solved this issue removing the “TAP Windows Adapter” from my network cards. I don’t know which software installed this adapter.

Do you know why there was a conflict?

A TAP Windows Adapter very much smells like something installed by some VPN client.

The Zscaler Client Connector installs a virtual adapter called “Zscaler Network Adapter“ on Windows.


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