ZAPP and Windows 10 2004


I just upgraded two computers to Windows 10 2004 May update to test before releasing to users and got a problem with ZAPP

When the service status is ON, all DNS from the machine stops working.
The tunnel access works, as well other network services, if you try to access them by the IP address.

Is there a new version of the ZAPP or anything we can do to make it work?


I don’t have access to the client so can’t test anything for you :frowning:

Hi, @GordonWright .

I have deleted this version and installed the, that I think is the latest general available version and experienced the same problem.

One of our users inadvertently updated to 2004 and is experiencing similar issues - he said it was intermittent, would work for a few hours then internet DNS breaks. Turning Private Access off and on again apparently gets things working again - grain of salt though I haven’t been able to properly test/verify.

Is there any official support matrix with versions of Windows etc?

We’re running client (200057).

Well, we’ve narrow down the problem here to the DNS suffix list that was being applied when users connected the service.

Looks like that Windows 10 2004 has a limit of 50 entries in that list. As soon as you remove entries and keep it below 50, everything works. It is not a zscaler problem itself, but we are talking to support as they investigate an alternative.


We have the same problem with the 2004 and the client

Do you have any feedback from zscaler or microsoft support please?

Do we have an alternative other than the dns suffix limit?
Thank you