ZAPP intune deployment

Hello, I am currently trying to deploy ZAPP to our Windows 10 environment using intunes. We are fully cloud environment and use Azure AD for SSO.

I followed following video to push ZAPP to my WIndows users. I can see app is deployed perfectly fine. But only issue I get is it does not do SSO automatically. You can the screen where you have to put your username and then it downloads all the configuration.

I was wondering if there is a way where I can do fully automatic deployment so user does not have to login etc.


Tutorial URL: Z App deployment with Microsoft Intune


Take a look at . If you deploy with install options --cloudName and --userDomain you can specific which tenant you have. When Zscaler App then launches, it’ll automatically take the user to your IDP to authenticate. If the IDP is doing IWA (Kerberos) then Zscaler App should enrol silently, and without user interaction.

Hope this helps


Hello, thanks for your response.

I am not sure where do i get these values from,
cloudname: I am using so would cloudname be
Userdomain: We don’t use ActiveDirectory we are only using azureAD, would you please let me know where do I get this value from?



If you’re using, then --cloudName zscaler would be correct ( would have --cloudName zscalertwo , etc)
the --userDomain should be the domainsuffix you use to authenticate. i.e. if you logon to AzureAD as, then --userDomain would be correct. The domain you logon to Azure AD would also be the same domain you’d enter into the dialog box that Zscaler App presents to you.


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thanks that did worked.