ZApp Migration to LWF

We are running Zscaler App 1.5.1 in Tunnel with Local Proxy mode, using the default installation with the virtual network adapter. We are planning to move to Tunnel mode as well as switch to the LWF driver installation.

Is there a way to repair ZApp to remove the virtual network adapter and install LWF driver? Or is the only solution a uninstallation, reboot and installation with LWF switch?

Hi Raj,

Sorry for the delay.
You can just change the forwarding profile action to be Tunnel mode with Packet Filter (LWF) and it will change to this automatically.

The existing virtual network adapter will remain there, but it will be disabled and not used.
We keep the adapter there incase you need change between Tunnel modes.
Is there any issue with keeping the adapter there?



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Hi David, I have seen that option and does work, but would prefer to remove the virtual adapter anyways. We are piloting ZPA in our environment and the virtual adapter isn’t playing well with the HP Hotkey software. It does the LAN/WLAN switching and the fix is to either install LWF driver (removing virtual adapter) or disabling the HP Hotkey service.