Zapp notification "application access is blocked by Private Access Policy"

Hi guys.

Since some time we get an annoying windows notification popup for “application access is blocked by Private Access Policy”. Of course I can disable windows notification for this app but somebody know the meant of the message?


This basically means you’ve attempted to access an application, and the policy configured in ZPA is blocking you. This could be due to several reasons, you would need to contact your ZPA administrator to find out which application is being blocked for you.



The message is direct result of a policy block. The message is configured by the ZPA Administrator so that the end user sees a notification when their request is blocked by Access Policy.

Thx for the responses. U’re right…
Also I found that it’s a policy for blocking antivirus traffic to company server. In order to “resolve” I enabled the AV traffic through zpa but really it isn’t a good solution for me. I don’t find this notification setting in ZPA/ZAP admin panels …where’s?

The end user facing message is configured in Access Policy. Instructions related to this are here - You will need to search for Message to User.

Hi Kunal…thx for response.
There are no message configured in the access policy.
Maybe I found a workaround now: I defined the application segment but I not defined a rule (block or permit). In this way the traffic is blocked (in the zpa logs I see “undefined rule”) and no one popup at user has showed.

Matteo, in that case the other place you can check is Segment Group configuration. In the past, ZPA Admin UI provided an option to configure Access policies even under Segment Groups, so I am thinking you may have old policies sitting there. If the goal is to not provide access to those Apps via ZPA, why not just Bypass this traffic from ZPA? Here is an article that provides info for Bypassing Apps in ZPA -