ZApp unable to block google site

Hi All,

Anyone encounter issue as per subject, current only one policy is enable which is to block all site.
We only encounter this issue when using the ZApp which able to block other except google site including youtube.

Check if ssl inspection is enabled for zapp.

Hi @ramesh.mani1,

We have enable the ssl and manage to intercept/block site as per policy configuration.

We also ask our partner to test on their Zapp account which also encounter similiar issue.

Not sure if its configuration or Zapp issue. Thanks

Check if there is any cloud app control policies enabled. Try to block via cloud app policy.

Anyways I never encounter this issue. ,:relieved:

It might be due to QUIC (UDP:443) - what deployment method have you opted for with Z-APP/Zscaler Client Connector?


QUIC supports on Chrome only. Try to access from IE or Mozilla Firefox.

Hi @ramesh.mani,

I have checkt the cloud application policy and confirmed no rule that is enable.

Hi @spatrick,

Currently the configuration deoloyment is straight forward with only ssl enable to monitor and traffic for all devices.

Try from IE or Firefox if you are using chrome now.

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What do the logs show?

Hi @ramesh.mani1 / @GordonWright ,

We run through test using ZApp with Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox & google chrome.
We found that only Google Chrome will not block google site i.e. .google. and we can performed URL search and no log is showing except for other api as shown below.

Zscaler will block when accessing@redirecting other site through the google search engine and this problem were not encountered when running incognito mode.

Can you try this on chrome browser.

Open Google Chrome, in the URL type “chrome://flags”. Look for Experimental QUIC protocol and disable it.

If what Ramesh told you to do in blocking the traffic. You can disable QUIC using the Firewall Rules of Zscaler — There’s a network service now called “QUIC” with that you can you disable the QUIC setup Google Chrome uses. (you’ll need Tunnel 2.0 btw). More and more traffic will be going over QUIC in the future, not just Google owned sites.

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