Zcaler client connector doesn't work in China

Our company is a global company, we are deploying zscaler client connector to all global computers for internet protect when they are out of office. In other contries, no issue. But in China, we find the Zscaler auto proxy the data to Japan Zscaler datacenters There are three datacenters in China, by geographical location auto section, it should use China datacenter proxies first…

Anyone got the similar problem? And any solution for it?

Hi - use of the three public service edges inainland China require a special premium bandwidth subscription. Contact your Zscaler Sales Mamager for a quote and information on the premium bandwidth subs riptide which will also allow use of premium locations in South America, Australia, New Zealand and others .

Thanks for your reply. But we it is a global project, we don’t have problem in other countries, such as Austrilia, Sinagpore, India, Hongkong Japan etc… Are you sure we need a special premium bandwidth subscription for China? Sometimes we think the geographical location auto section is blocked by the China GFW policy.

I just meant the subscription for China premium bandwidth is the same as the rest of APAC. Yes, you need premium bandwidth to use those locations. You can verify at https://config.zscaler.com to see the locations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Tianjin are regional surcharge locations.

I justed check list, and see there is a green icon on the three China data centers, and say “An additional fee is required in order to use this data center”
Thtat’s maybe the cause, I will check with TAM. thank your very much.

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