Zcaler Cloud Firewall

Is there any use case where customers have used Zscaler Cloud Firewall solution when using Genesys Pure Cloud solution ?

Can voice based solution be used with Zscaler Cloud Firewall ?

depends on customer needs, you can choose applications to route to Zscaler.

This is non web based application. For web based application I understand that it can be achieved via Proxy PAC or via IPSec/GRE tunnel.

My understanding is that for Non Web based applications for which to use the cloud firewall , my understanding is that I need to use either IPSec or GRE tunnel.

Is my understanding right ?

Yes you are right. You need to use either IPSec or GRE tunnel to route all traffic from locations.

Does this mean that to you Cloud firewall I need to have IPSec tunnel from all my branches.
For exam i have nearly 30 branch locations & I need to have 30 VPN sites to Zscaler

Please leverage ZCC 2.0 for all users which supports all ports and TCP / UDP forwarding.
But still GRE/IPSec needed for server or machines which doesn’t support ZCC.

In my environment, I am already using BIG IP Edge Client on my PCs .
Can ZCC co exists along with the BIG IP Edge Client ?