ZDX - Teams Webhook

You can configure ZDX to send alerting via webhooks into Teams. As this isn’t publicly documented, I thought I would upload how I got it working in my environment.

Teams Setup:

Click on the three dots, then go to “Connectors”

Click “”configure” for “Incoming Webhooks”.

Give the webhook a name, then save.

Copy the URL, as we will need it for ZDX.

ZDX Setup:

Go to Administration > Webhooks

Click on “Add New Webhook”.

Then configure the following:

  • Name
  • URL - paste the URL we took from Microsoft Teams “incoming webhook”
  • Authentication Type = Token
  • Beartoken = enter anything, its not used but needed to save config

Click “Test Webhook” (then go to teams to see if a message has been received), if it works then save it.

When you “Test Webhook”, you should see the following in Teams.

Apply To Alerts:

Go to Alerts > Rules, then for each Alert apply the webhook to that you want to receive a notification about.


Once configured you should start seeing messages being sent to Teams.


This is good, I have tested it, thanks,

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