Zenith-only Zscaler Cloud Transformation Specialist (ZCTS)

Hi there,
I got Information about the possible certification day at Zenith 2019
Please explain, if I would choose one of the non ZPPA tracks and will receive the Zenith-only Zscaler Cloud Transformation Specialist (ZCTS).
Can you provide a description of this certification? Thank you in advance

Hi Stefan,

ZCTS is a special certification that is only available at Zenith Live. There are badges and you will receive a certificate upon completion.


How to do sign up for this training? I didn’t see it listed on day one (Monday)

Hi Candice,

Welcome to the Zscaler Community! The ZCTS training is part of Zenith Live. When you register for Zenith Live you have the option of Conference or Conference + Training. If you choose Training you will be registered for the (Monday in US, Wednesday in EMEA) training day. You can then select which track you wish to take.

More info on the various tracks are here: https://www.zscaler.com/zenithlive/2019-americas/agenda

Thanks Chris. I have already signed up for ZPA master. However, would prefer ZCTS cert. Is there a specific class I need to take or any class automatically provides this certification?

Hi Candice,

Got it. ZPA Essentials grants the ZCCP-PA (after the online prework is done). All other tracks grant the ZCTS so you are good to go!

Yep… I was late signing up for the Essentials class… But this is a great news. So all I have to do is take the class correct? Nothing else?

Yes, that is correct!