ZIA and Service-Now


Hello everyone!

I want to share simple example on how you can use APIs in conjunction with Service-Now platform.

The goal obviously is take advantage of automation whenever possible, do things faster and rely on commonly used ITSM (Service-Now is a perfect example) as a place for hosting intelligence logic.

This is fairly simple example around filing SSL Inspection bypass rule. Maybe you have got other workflows or scenarios in mind? Please let me know!



We block the “Miscellaneous” category as our data shows that the majority of our malware is delivered via this category. We get hundreds of requests for valid URL’s which are in this category. This takes 3 business days via our Service Desk to get reviewed and approved manually and then added to an allow list.

So we have added a button on the block page which calls an API to validate that the URL is “safe” and then using the Zscaler API we add that URL to an “Allow List”. This happens in real-time reducing the business impact from 3 days to 3 minutes.

What I would like is for a Zscaler API to be able to submit that URL to Zscaler for it to be categorized correctly :slight_smile:

@GordonWright thats a great example! Thanks for sharing!

Just published another video with deeper dive on how it is actually implemented.


0:29 refresher on Zscaler automation

1:59 Zscaler API and Postman

5:08 SNOW integration details