ZPA vs.client VPN

hi there, as a zscaler partner we often get asked what is the real difference between zpa and traditional client vpn. what is marketing and what arguments stay at the end?
we have tried to summarize this in our technical blog:

what are your thoughts about?

p.s. thanks nathan for your input :wink:

Great article, nicely done.

One comment, when you wrote "The Zscaler App – an agent software for all kind of devices – is a prerequisite to run ZPA. "

Prerequisite if you want to use non web applications. For web applications you can use Browser Based Access.

thanks, charles. very good point. on the other hand, most of our customers want to cover all kind of applications. which is also good, because this is the power of zpa, isn’t it?

Yep but Power of ZPA is also to give a very granular/limited access to some users (e.g. contractors). I’ve seen many use cases where you want to share a web app with a contractor but you prefer Browser Based Access to avoid the complexitif of installing an agent on “non managed” devices.
Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

yes, it makes sense :+1:

Hey @euro, do also check out this youtube video from Lisa an Patrick: