Zscaler App - Fiddler support

(Mike) #1

Has anyone ever had any success getting Fiddler to work with the Zscaler App enabled?

(David Creedy) #2

Hi Mike,

Yes, generally this only works in Tunnel with Local Proxy mode, and must sit in between the user’s applications and Z App.

You should use a custom forwarding profile PAC, which instead of routing to Z App’s normal loopback port of 9000, another port, e.g. 8080. So the final return statement would be something like: return

Then, you configure Fiddler to listen for requests on port 8080, and configure Fiddler’s Gateway to be the real Z App loopback address,

The requests should go from the browser, through fiddler, through Z App, to the cloud.

Also don’t forget that if you are debugging local addresses, the default PAC files will exclude these (e.g. 127), so make sure you adjust the pac file accordingly.

(Mike) #3

Great, thanks for the quick response David! I am using Tunnel with Local Proxy but am using the normal loopback port. I’ll give this a shot.