Zscaler Client connector Showing connecting from home network

Hi Team,
We have one user who is facing connecting issue for private access TAB on zscaler client connector when connected through wifi.
If user connect through LAN (same network) then user not facing the issue.
Can anyone suggest why it is happening on wifi only?
Is it ISP issue?
if yes then we can ask to ISP to resolve?
or is there any bug on 3.8 version client connector?
Thank you

I’ve run into some MTU based issues that caused ZPA to loop in connecting. It was on a starlink connection and we had to modify the MTU in that case. We were also on 3.8.

Thanks for the rapid reply.
MTU in App profile or from ISP side?

Check both for sure. On the forwarding profile under Advanced Z-Tunnel 2.0 Configuration is where you can set that MTU. release notes mentions it will resolve forwarding issues like mentioned above