Zscaler connector login error

Hello All,

We have client connector getting installed users computer automatically, we use Okta as IDP.
Many users reported below error.

Your Session expired due to idle timeout. Please try authenticating again, if the issue persists, contact your administrator.

Once user exit the app and opens it again it works fine.We are trying to identify why this might be happening and what could be the resolution. We are not able to reproduce this error on demand, but users trying to login first time gets this error.

Zscaler troubleshooting doc mentions below but it’s not helping.

0xE550C The relay state wasn't present in the SAML response, or the relay state is invalid. Check if the relay state is being sent in the SAML response (sometimes, this happens when REDIRECT binding is configured, instead of POST binding), or check if the response that was sent through Zscaler didn't send the request.

Having an issue with a user that is getting the same error. They have a lot of issue with their ISP - Virgin Media - DNS query failures and a bunch of intermittent outages.