ZScaler crash every time try to connect Private Access

Has anyone experienced an issue with ZScaler that crashes every time try to connect Private Access?
It keeps opening and closing very quickly. Latest version installed. Uninstalling\reinstalling zscaler does not solve the problem and other action from Zscaler cannot be taken since app crash and restart very quickly. I have solved only rebuilding the machine but now I have another user same issue .

Hi Stefano,

if enabled: try to disable “Automatically Attempt ZPA Reauthentication” in Zscaler Mobile Portal.


Hi are company machines we can access only the app locally and as told is looping starting and crashing… if you mean from ip.zscaler.com I cannot do change … problem look more related with user windows profile maybe corrupted but looking if someone have experienced same issue

We had this issue for some users on some specific Lenovo notebooks. Issue was fixed in
“Zscaler Mobile Portal” means the web-based Admin Interface for ZCC.

The ZPA-ReAuth-Loop on some of our clients was obviously caused by some issues with changing hardware-fingerprints during logon.


ok will try to see who have this access in my organization, we still using

I faced the same issue and I disabled the re-auth feature as said by Manuel. I opened a ticket and expect a bug.

According to the release notes, the ZPA reauthentication issues were fixed in, and should contain all the same fixes.


The issue is fixed. Apparently in our case Zscaler keeps looping because the authentication information or fingerprint saved is corrupted or changed. We fixed :

Exit Zscaler app and delete the folder “C:\ProgramData\Zscaler”. then launch Zscaler app which initiates fresh authentication

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Yep, that corrupted/changed fingerprint was also the reason for our issues. We tried to get to the root cause as this happened multiple and various times. And as this issue was obviously dependant of the type of laptops (Lenovo L15 AMD), Z-Support told us there is a know issue with specific hardware - fixed in

I would recommend to keep a close eye on that particular client or client type.

thank you we have experienced this issue in Dell Latitude 7290 and 7490 but anyway we communicated to the global team the info related to the Zscaler version with the fix they will decide if push or not but anyway we have a way to fix now. Thank you.

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