Zscaler - Hosted PAC

Below is my scenario.

  • From my branch location want to have local internet breakout to Zscaler
  • I will be using the PAC file which will be hosted in Zscaler (ex - http://pac.zscalerbeta.net/abc.pac)
  • Each user PC in the branch will be configured with the Zscaler Proxy PAC URL.
  • When the user tries to browse from browser www.google.com following will happen.


  • In my branch router I don’t want configure complete default route. I want to configure only the route for Zscaler
  • i.e the Zen Node IP range & the proxy PAC URL IP address

My understanding is that the Zen Node IP address will be assigned based on the location.
But for the Proxy PAC URL resolution , will it be same always are will be changing every time.

If it is same, I will add the route for it, so that I dont open the complete access to Internet.
Only access to Zscaler for both PRoxy URL resolution & Zen Node.