Zscaler is Captive Portal Detected at Personal network

Zscaler displays Captive Portal Detected in home and personal network environments. But working in a corporate network environment is fine. Zscaler cannot be used outside the company and the internal website cannot be accessed. This error occurs frequently. And only on home and personal networks. It involves most of the people in the company. PS: We are using the Chinese network. This is a problem that has never arisen before. There will be a brief return to normal after restarting Zscaler.

I used face this issue when migrate china users into zscaler. I would recommend to hardcode the chinese nodes in pac file return statements.

Additional surcharges required for china public nodes.

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Agree with Ramesh.
I’ve also had this issue on my home network when I started testing ZCC which I thought was related to the new Captive portal detection enhancements.
Have you upgraded recently?


I had a customer who had users based in China with Captive Portals and I can attest that Ramesh’s solution is what you should be trying to accomplish.

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We have lots of problems with Captive Portals for China based users.
I seem to remember that ZCC v4 introduces the ability to add custom captive portals

@Charles93 Can you please open a support ticket with the logs? We will have a look.

Hi Nirbhay,

I can not upload a log file in this chat. could you send me a email then i can send the log as attach to you.

My email address: charles.lee@nike.com

Thanks a lot.