Zscaler - Logstash

Hello everybody,

We would like to send logs from our ZPA to Logstash using TLS.

For every products we have already did it, we just needed to upload to the Logstash certificate into the configuration panel of the product to validate the trust.

But for Zscaler it seems to be different due to the “mutual authentification”.

  • Which certificates we should export from Zscaler to install in our Logstash ?
  • And which certificates we should put on the Logstash side ?

We have read this documentation but it doesn’t explain very well how to do it : https://help.zscaler.com/zpa/about-log-streaming-service

Somebody has already implement this or not ?

Thanks everybody in advance for your help,
Lucas A.

Hi Lucas, the Private Access (ZPA) forum would be the best option for assistance.


Hello @kblackstone !

Oups sorry for that ! I’m closing this topic here.
(And I successfully did what I wanted haha)

Lucas A.