Zscaler on chromebook

I have the Android version of zscaler installed on our ent managed chromebook. When I launch the app, I am prompted for my email address and then get an error redirecting to our SSO page. With nothing else running on the chromebook, it seems that the android app should be popping up a log on window I would assume with chrome. But it is not. What setting am I missing that is preventing this from working??

Hi Scott,

What should happen is that the IDP authentication page is loaded within Z App itself. So within the Android app running on Chromebook, like you described.

It sounds like the redirect to the IDP is failing, but would you be able to confirm the exact error you see for me?

Can you also export logs from Z App (should be available in the menu). This should help us figure out whats going on. It might also be useful to raise a ticket with support so we can get more eyes on this.